Deniz Carikci

Deniz Carikci

Name: Deniz Carikci

Email: d.carikci@schaltkulisse.de

Designation: Head of Engineering department 

Deniz has been on-board with Schaltkulisse since 2015 and was the first full-time employee of the company. As he often puts it, he still remembers Kevin with moving boxes under one hand and a french bulldog under the other. His first words were „car“ and not „mum“ and therefore he knew since the beginning that he needed to work with cars. After a few years as an asset manager at Ferrari Financial Services, he joined us as a sales manager for 6 years before overseeing our newly built state-of-the-art workshop.

Today, he represents a perfect fit for his role as the head of workshop, given his dynamic and extrovergeant personality and his love for technical stuff and attention to details. As part of his daily responsibilities, he advises customers wishing to entrust our Engineering department with their cars, and scouts for business and partnership opportunities with big names oft he industry.

When he’s not getting his hands dirty modifying his pride and joy, a Porsche 911 993 Carrera in green, he is either enjoying it on mountain passes or playing football with the local team.

The Team Behind Schaltkulisse



Although still in his 20’s, Sebastian has earned his position as master technician in our engineering department. No wonder, he was born with a screwdriver in hand (not literally) and thrives on the smell of gasoline that emanates from the exhaust pipes of classic Ferraris and the like. His journey started with fixing, fixing and modifying his bike, then his scooter, then his motorcycle and then he worked his way up to cars.

Meet Kevin Braun

After drooling over pictures of cars and their performance figures in magazines as a child, and observing every little detail of his scaled model of a 288 GTO which he was gifted as a small boy for being brave at the dentist, Kevin’s dream of owning his own car business was stuck in his mind, so much so that after working for a few years at Ferrari Financial Services, he left everything behind, and with just about enough funds to found a company, he created Schaltkulisse in 2010.


Meet Fabian Wilhelm

Fabian’s passion for everything technical and mechanical began at the age of five when he came into contact with motocross. Competing his motorcycle meant he had to work hard at it and during 15 years of intense involvement in motorsports his interest in motorcycles and cars grew, thanks to his understanding of cars and engines and his talented hands, he decided to make a living from it .


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