Homologation Special: The Legendary Audi Sport Quattro
The Audi Sport Quattro was Audi's answer to Lancia and their 037. In addition to several wins in Group B, the Sport Quattro went on to win the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Michele Mouton at the wheel. In order to homologate the car for racing, Audi had to build 200 road-going examples. Only 161 car ended up being made, with at two of them landing in His Highness Aga Khan's collection. The blue car in this video belonged to him until recently. He had the car improved by Audi AG and Quattro GmbH at a cost of 430,000 DM in 1998: more powerful engine, more powerful brakes, air-conditioning unit, and one-off color combination. An insane project done for one very special customer, with documented letters and invoices from Audi. A true piece of history and a future concours-winner as we see it.