Sylvia Weiss

Sylvia Weiss

Name: Sylvia Weiss


Designation: Assistant to Manager

Sylvia joined Schaltkulisse in 2014 in the backoffice as an assistant. She manages to take off loads of work off the shoulders of the management, and works her way around the whole office-headache, things like, *cough cough*, the complicated German paperwork. She’s always happy to give a hand, even when she is busy at home building her new terrace, she’s happy to answer our calls and messages and quickly reacts to urgent matter.

Sylvia likes to live life on the fast lane, when she’s not driving her Audi S7 in the untypical color combination of light blue on a white interior, she likes to take her chip-tuned Smart for some action.

The Team Behind Schaltkulisse


Meet Kevin Braun

After drooling over pictures of cars and their performance figures in magazines as a child, and observing every little detail of his scaled model of a 288 GTO which he was gifted as a small boy for being brave at the dentist, Kevin’s dream of owning his own car business was stuck in his mind, so much so that after working for a few years at Ferrari Financial Services, he left everything behind, and with just about enough funds to found a company, he created Schaltkulisse in 2010.

Meet Amin Siala

Amin can still well remember going for a walk with his parents and calling all the cars parked on the street by name from afar. For as long as he can remember, he has been passionate about cars. His whole life has been an embodiment of this love story, and the scale models of a Jaguar XJ220 and a Bugatti EB110 that he received from his parents as a child only fueled his curiosity about supercars.


Meet Fabian Wilhelm

Fabian’s passion for everything technical and mechanical began at the age of five when he came into contact with motocross. Competing his motorcycle meant he had to work hard at it and during 15 years of intense involvement in motorsports his interest in motorcycles and cars grew, thanks to his understanding of cars and engines and his talented hands, he decided to make a living from it .