Sebastian Thomssen

Sebastian Thomssen


Name: Sebastian Thomssen


Designation: Master Technician

Even though still in his 20’s, Sebastian has earned himself his position as the master technician of our Engineering department. No wonder, he was born with a screwdriver in his hand (not literally) and feeds on the smell of gasoline coming out of the exhaust pipes of classic Ferrari’s and such. His journey started by fixing, repairing, and modifying his bicycle, then his scooter, then his motorbike, and then he worked his way up to cars. His passion for automobiles and especially for the classic ones comes mainly from his upbringing and his father. Spending a lot of time around classic cars since a young age shaped his interest and curiosity in the functionality and mechanical aspect of engines, suspension etc. His big passion lies especially within the motorsport era from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. He has a great fascination for the Mille Miglia, in fact, he religiously follows it every year at the wheel of his charming Fiat convertible.

Sebastian has accomplished the German Abitur qualifying him to enter university, but decided instead to follow his heart and passion which is to give classic cars the treatment they deserve, to preserve them and to make them work like Swiss clockwork. He went on to earn his automotive mechatronics apprenticeship before receiving his master technician title. He started his career dream working for Jaguar-Land-Rover-Classic Centre in Essen, working on a range of different cars with different needs. He can clearly recall the painful memories he had when removing the „thausends of screws“ attached to the underbody of the Jaguar XJ220. Sebastian joined us in 2021 and fullfills his function as the master technician of our Engineering department. He is very knowledgeable of cars and their needs, and knows to think out of the box to find solutions for unsolvable problems. He is a great asset tot he team, a quick learner, and very energetic.

When he is not in the workshop replacing the clutch on a rare Ferrari 330 America, he likes to maintain his own cars and bike, and is also an avid skier and mountainbike rider.

The Team Behind Schaltkulisse


Meet Kevin Braun

After drooling over pictures of cars and their performance figures in magazines as a child, and observing every little detail of his scaled model of a 288 GTO which he was gifted as a small boy for being brave at the dentist, Kevin’s dream of owning his own car business was stuck in his mind, so much so that after working for a few years at Ferrari Financial Services, he left everything behind, and with just about enough funds to found a company, he created Schaltkulisse in 2010.

Meet DeniZ Carikci

Deniz has been on board with Schaltkulisse since 2015 and was the company’s first full-time employee. As he often puts it, he still remembers Kevin with moving boxes under one hand and a French bulldog under the other. His first words were “car” not “mama” and so he knew from the start that he had to work with cars. After a few years as an asset manager at Ferrari Financial Services, he joined us as a sales manager for 6 years.


Meet Fabian Wilhelm

Fabian’s passion for everything technical and mechanical began at the age of five when he came into contact with motocross. Competing his motorcycle meant he had to work hard at it and during 15 years of intense involvement in motorsports his interest in motorcycles and cars grew, thanks to his understanding of cars and engines and his talented hands, he decided to make a living from it.