Michelle Eicher

Michelle Eicher

Name: Michelle Eicher


Designation: Media design and branding 

Michelle is Schaltkulisse’s youngest team member. When she’s not busy practicing ballett with kids, Michelle takes care of our media design. She joined our office in Munich in April 2021 as a dual student at the IU in Munich to gain professional experience and has been since then making sure that our ads, books, invitations, and everything we print or send, looks the part.

She loves to create and makes sure that everything that represents us is visually pleasing. She is responsible for creating invitations for our events, yearbooks, brochures, sales exposés, and loves to take on new challenges. Event organisation is also something she’s taking a liking to.

In her free time, she also likes to make use of her creativity and as a side-hustle, creates artworks and paintings. She also keeps herself busy with ballett, it helps her hide her Thai Curry addiction.

The Team Behind Schaltkulisse


Meet Sebastian Thomssen

Although still in his 20’s, Sebastian has earned his position as master technician in our engineering department. No wonder, he was born with a screwdriver in hand (not literally) and thrives on the smell of gasoline that emanates from the exhaust pipes of classic Ferraris and the like. His journey started with fixing, fixing and modifying his bike, then his scooter, then his motorcycle and then he worked his way up to cars.

Meet James Melinz

James has always been a key member of the shift gate. Don’t let his old-school Bavarian attitude and sometimes dark humor fool you, James means business. If you call him in the middle of the night and tell him that a car needs to be transported to northern Denmark by tomorrow evening, he will be on his way literally in the same hour to get the car safe and sound before sunset.


Meet Stefan Hefele

Stefan is the newest addition to Schaltkulisse and a team member in our engineering department. Like many people infected by the car virus, he completed an apprenticeship as a vehicle mechatronics technician and then gained the championship title. He started his professional career in 2015 in the legendary halls of BMW Classic in Munich, where he also traveled a lot until 2017, as part of the service team for the Mille Miglia, Arabella Classic, and even the Festival of Speed ​​​​in Goodwood.