Amin Siala

Amin Siala

Name: Amin Siala


Designation: Sales manager, Marketing 

Amin can vividly remember himself going on walks with his parents and naming all the cars parked on the streets by their names, from a distance. For as long as he can remember, he has loved cars with a passion. His whole life is an embodiment of this love story, and the scaled models of a Jaguar XJ220 and a Bugatti EB110 he received from his parents as a kid reinforced his curiosity about supersports cars. Born in Paris to a Tunisian family and growing up in both countries and in Germany means he speaks French, German, English and Arabic fluently. In the hope of pursuing his passion for automobiles, he decided to take a leap of faith and move to Germany to study engineering. He enrolled at the Technical University of Munich from which he graduated with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management, and after accomplishing internships at Porsche in Weissach and BMW in Garching and an exchange semester at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he decided to take a different route and follow his gut feeling, joining Schaltkulisse full-time since September 2021.

Amin is the guy to talk to if you have any questions about the cars we have in our collection, and the ones we do not have too. If there is something he religiously loves, it’s talking about cars, at any place and at any time. Being a 90’s kid, he has a soft spot for supercars from the 90’s and early 00’s, and that is the era of cars he is most comfortable with. At Schaltkulisse, he is mainly responsible for managing the sales and advising customers with their acquisition choices and helps them curate fine automobiles for their collections. He puts an immense value on a vehicle’s history and considers the stories a car can tell to be one of the most important criteria for collectibility. He also enjoys maintaining Schaltkulisse’s image and brand and therefore is usually seen working on the next Schaltkulisse film or event.

When he’s not annoying his friends talking about cars, he likes to read about everything and anything automotive, and as a side-occupation, he takes photography quite seriously. As most car enthusiasts, he cherishes his weekend car, an E46 M3 he bought from its first and only 80-year old owner.

The Team Behind Schaltkulisse


Meet Deniz Carikci

Deniz has been on board with Schaltkulisse since 2015 and was the company’s first full-time employee. As he often puts it, he still remembers Kevin with moving boxes under one hand and a French bulldog under the other. His first words were “car” not “mama” and so he knew from the start that he had to work with cars. After a few years as an asset manager at Ferrari Financial Services, he joined us as a sales manager for 6 years.

Meet Fabian Wilhelm

Fabian’s passion for everything technical and mechanical began at the age of five when he came into contact with motocross. Competing his motorcycle meant he had to work hard at it and during 15 years of intense involvement in motorsports his interest in motorcycles and cars grew, thanks to his understanding of cars and engines and his talented hands, he decided to make a living from it .


Meet Michelle Eicher

Michelle is Schaltkulisse’s youngest team member. When she’s not busy practicing ballett with kids, Michelle takes care of our media design. She joined our office in Munich in April 2021 as a dual student at the IU in Munich to gain professional experience and has been since then making sure that our ads, books, invitations, and everything we print or send, looks the part.