Opening of our new Engineering department


Opening of our new Engineering department

Opening of our new Engineering department

It was a dream we had from the beginning: owning a workshop of our own. We’re glad to report that this year, finally, after long periods of planning and looking for the right location and people, we have achieved this goal. We can now call the workshop ours.

Situated 500 meters from our showroom, the workshop, together with our storage area, cover 1000 square meters. Four car elevators allow to precisely check the underbody of the cars and carry out repair work as well as maintenance and servicing. Of course, it goes without saying that our workshop is equipped with all the tools and machines which are crucial for working on collector-grade automobiles. No expense was spared in making the facility as premium as it gets, with a design and colors which reflect our brand and values. Everywhere, we are reminded that it is not just a workshop, but much more than that. Take a look at the toolboxes for example, which are painted in our colours of British racing green with gold stripes.

The most challenging part of the project was finding the right people, a team of passionate mechanics with an unextinguishable drive to take on challenges and an integrity and honesty which represent Schaltkulisse. This daunting task was made easier through our network, presence in motorsport, and appeal as a brand.
We are fortunate to have been able to get hold of three individuals who we think will take Schaltkulisse Engineering very far: Ralf Kalaschek, a previous racing driver who raced in FIA GT1, STW, and Porsche Supercup, and whose passion for cars went further than racing. His knowledge in automobiles makes him a pioneer and an asset of the Schaltkulisse Engineering. He will be taking the leading role of Chief mechanic.

Under his supervision, two of the most talented individuals: Fabian Wilhelm and Sebastian Thomßen. Fabian aka “Fabi” has previously been a key mechanic at a famous Porsche specialist before joining our team. Benefitting from years of hand-on experience on Porsche models of all kinds, from the early 356’s to racecars, he has more than a trick up his sleeve. Sebastian aka “Basti” comes from Jaguar Land Rover Classic and knows his English cars very well, and a few more. Together, these three represent our workshop dream team.

Our own cars will be serviced and maintained in our own facility. At the same time, we will also be operating for our customers wishing to entrust their prized possessions to professionals. From normal maintenance work to motorsport supervision, as well as special wishes, our team is here to answer to the most challenging tasks.

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