Offered by Schaltkulisse: The south of France collection


Offered by Schaltkulisse: The south of France collection

Offered by Schaltkulisse: The south of France collection

Sourced from the South of France and curated over the span of several decades, Schaltkulisse is proud to offer this fine collection of automobiles for acquisition. The collector cars presented here were once all owned by one of the most prominent American tech-entrepreneurs, who enjoyed them occasionally on the dry and sunny roads of the south of France. These are without exception some of the finest examples of their breed, showing very low mileage from new and presenting in an exceptional condition. Although rarely used, no money was spared in preserving and maintaining this eclectic collection.

The cars are all collector grade items with low mileage, clear ownership history, stunning color combinations, and of course, desirable models which marked the automobile world of the last 30 years. The tech-entrepreneur in question clearly knew what he was doing when he specifically chose these five cars to grace the garage of his south of France villa.

He mainly used the Rolls Royce Ghost to commute in the city and as a shuttle for celebrity guests, and therefore, the limousine is by far the car with the highest mileage, at 22.000km, which is still extremely low for a car built to be chauffeured in. The Ferrari 812 Superfast, being probably one of the last naturally aspirated V12’s, was specified in NART blue over a Cuio leather interior with Daytona bucket seats. NART, for North American Racing Team, a hint to the owner’s country of origin? Exceptionally well optioned throughout and with only just over 1.000km from new, clearly a future collector with plenty of potential. The SLS AMG and Z8 both share more than just their country of origin, in fact, both were built as a tribute to legends that marked both brands’ histories: the 300SL and 507. Both are silver with a black/red leather interior, both have very low miles, both are in an exceptional condition and both have only had one owner. Plus, they are some of the most gorgeous modern cars and certainly some of the best cars ever built in Germany. In fact, the price development of both models in the last few years just shows what exceptional machines they are, thanks to a lightweight aluminium body and naturally aspirated V8 engines.

The cars are looking for new passionate caretakers who value history and quality. Be quick, as some are already spoken for!

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