Competing for charity: the Schaltkulisse Golf Open 2022.


Competing for charity: the Schaltkulisse Golf Open 2022.
Schaltkulisse, Golf Open 2022, Bad Griesbach, GC Penning

Competing for charity: the Schaltkulisse Golf Open 2022.

We’ve been looking forward to this weekend for months – and it was so worth it! The 1st Schaltkulisse Golf Open at the Quellness & Golf Resort Bad Griesbach was a complete success. In every sense. Our charity event weekend had many facets: the twisty-backroad-journey from the Schaltkulisse showroom in Taufkirchen to Bad Griesbach, the get-together in the cozy Penninger Alm, the high-class golf tournament and of course the unique evening event with fireworks. But what we were most happy about were the proceeds from the donation: 16,400 euros came together for Tabaluga Children’s Aid and TSV Hofolding. We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors, without whom the charity event would not be possible: AIL-Leasing, Spielbanken Bayern, and Hello Chef.

After the get-together and dinner in the Penninger Alm, the golf tournament was next. The weather couldn’t have been better, our exhibits on four wheels shone in the sun on the event area. Numerous visitors from the area came to admire our cars up close or to take a seat behind the wheel. Among them was model Gitta Saxx: “This Porsche makes my heart soar!” She had come from Berlin to enjoy the cars.

A Carrera track was set up in a tent, and guests could test their sense of speed on a Formula 1 simulator. The unusual ice rolls from Bavarian Ice Rolls, which were prepared in front of the customers on an ice-cold surface, provided some much needed cooling.

Golfers tee off on the Porsche Golf Course just a few meters from the event area. Almost 40 participants had registered, including guests and customers of the Schaltkulisse, European golf champion Maria Anetseder from the Munich-Valley Golf Club, TV celebrity and DJ Giulia Siegel, Bundesliga golfer Sophia Ratberger (Munich Golf Club) and the twelve-year-old young talent Lena Geier from the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach, handicap 1.1. A scramble was played: teams of two competed, and the best ball was played on, the team with the fewest strokes won. It wasn’t until the evening that we would know who would take home our impressive, silver-colored trophy. In the end, the youngest golfer triumphed with her dad (five under par). As a reward, they received two starting places in the famous Tabaluga Golf Cup 2022 as well as exclusive Amalgam miniature replicas of a Ferrari F40. “The victory was very surprising for me,” Lena reported afterwards. Maria Anetseder and Doreen Leifheit (Erding-Grünbach GC) came second, followed by Maximilian and Katrin Herrmann from the Dachau Golf Club.

The evening event at Gutshof Penning was peppered with highlights: saxophonist Max Merseny played his tunes during dinner, then pop singer and DSDS participant Paulina Wagner created a unique mood with her own songs like “Maybe in Love” and cover hits. Our two charming hostesses also managed to sell all the lots in a short time. The winners were rewarded double: They had done something good by buying their ticket and won one of our prizes, such as a high-end miniature replica car or a voucher for a start-up package from the “Image Makers” agency. In addition, the Spielbanken Bayern casino was set up in the lobby of the estate. The crowning glory of our weekend was a colorful firework over the rare cars on display.

Actress and author Sylvia Leifheit, who flew in from Panama, was enthusiastic: “If you’re looking for something special in life, like me, you’ve come to the right place. The sporty elegance of a golf tournament, the humanity of a charity event and the values ​​of Schaltkulisse – it can only be fitting.”

We didn’t just want to do something for ourselves with our tournament, but above all, the event was dedicated to children. 11,000 euros of the total proceeds of 16,400 euros went to the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation, which cares for disadvantaged, traumatized and sick children. With the remaining 5400 euros, we wanted to support the TSV Hofolding in the construction of a tennis hall. We are very happy that we were able to experience such a great weekend with the Schaltkulisse Open, which will hopefully bring a smile to the faces of many children in the end.

Our Ferrari 328 GTS, which we offered as a hole-in-one prize, is back in its home garage. No one managed to sink the ball in hole 5 with a single shot. But don’t be sad, because next year will present a new opportunity to possibly win another special car, as we are currently planning the next Schaltkulisse Golf Open tournament.

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