911 RSR Style
Year of manufacture:
Key facts:
F model basis, in RSR style with 300 hp / 980 kg


Based on an F model from 1971, something very special has been created here. This is no “fair-weather friend” for the well-to-do Leopoldstraße in Munich, and also not really for collectors’ garages, or for “original paint obsessives”. Not that there is anything wrong with either of these, but this 911 RSR clone is more Metallica than Coldplay. It soars effortlessly up the gears, and irrepressibly seeks out grip and even more speed. 

Attributes which Hans Joachim Stuck & Co took for granted are dying out today. Modern vehicles with 3 turbochargers are marginalising them, mathematically – and mercilessly. But good old delight in driving, the smile when you take back control of a rogue tailpiece, winning the respect of your wild, Jekyll and Hyde machine… are features which no longer exist today. Such a car should be pure, sometimes rather shrill, but always honest and authentic. 

In 2004, the renowned Patutschnik company completely rebuilt this 911 on the chassis of a 1971 911 F. This realised a dream for fans of the air-cooled legend. A 3.6 litre engine from a 964, combined with a 915 close-ratio transmission, power this flyweight (just 980 kg total weight). After its then owner had only driven the car for 1000 km, he stored it in a garage, then sold it 9 years later to the most recent owner. They loved the car, and invested many thousand euros in its technical care and maintenance of its quality. 

This Porsche 911 RSR Clone is an absolute joy, as authentic as few cars can be. A car does not have to have every number correctly stamped in order to communicate the pure essence of driving. There is hardly a better car to transport you into the fascinating world of Porsche, with all its qualities and charming weaknesses.  Here is a short list of the installed parts and modifications: 

  • Bilstein suspension and turbo torsion bars, adjusted by Mittermaier with wheel load scale (980 kg total weight!)
  • New electronics
  • Oil cooler newly sealed
  • New tyres
  • New brake pads
  • WEVO short shifter
  • New clutch 
  • New chaincase seal, valve clearance adjusted
  • Filter and oil changed
  • 3.6 litre engine from a 964 with hot-film, racing headers, without catalytic convertors and about 300 hp, established on the RUF test bench
  • RSR front bumper from the Hahn family
  • Carbon-fibre front splitter from the Niederhof family 
  • 993 turbo brakes
  • Makrolon plates
  • Total weight circa 980 kg / 300 hp
  • Since rebuild (2004), driven circa 10 000 km
  • Special feature: recently received an H number plate (classic car registration)
  • Offered for sale on the client’s behalf (commission)

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