356 Continental
Year of manufacture:
Metallic Graphite Gray
Wine red
Key facts:
only made for one year, only available in the USA

The Car

Porsche 356 Continental

Like so many splendid marketing ideas, the Porsche 365 Continental was conceived by Max Hoffmann from New York – the man behind the legendary 300SL Gullwing, and the 356 Speedster. The idea was to replace the soon-to-be-discontinued 356 Coupe and Cabriolet with the new appellation “Continental”, particularly to emphasise their status as highly-developed European sports cars.


The History

Manufacturer’s documents demonstrate that chassis #53692 was delivered by Max Hoffmann in June 1955. The car retains its original exterior/interior finishes of metallic graphite gray and wine red artificial leather, and its original motor and transmission.


Only the vehicle’s very early history is uncertain. According to the bill of sale, its owner of many years – Herbert Isono from California – sold the car to Gerard Auer from Amberg, Germany, in 1987. Because of the low rainfall on the USA’s West Coast, many older cars stay free of rust, and are ideal candidates for restoration. However, the new owner decided to ship the Porsche to Germany first, in 1993. On arrival in Amberg, the restoration began. A wonderful, classic photograph album minutely documents the detailed, very high quality work that was carried out. A concluding guarantee and diverse invoices also belong to the documentation.

After nearly two decades of loving care and use of the Porsche, Mr Auer decided to sell the car. In 2006, Karl Sachs was the next proud owner of this Continental. As the years went by, the vehicle was meticulously looked-after, serviced and also driven. The last owner, a Porsche collector from Munich, bought the car in 2011.


The Emotion

Today, chassis #53692 is still in excellent condition. The bodywork has been optimally prepared, as can be seen by the quality of the varnish and exterior finish today. Technically, the vehicle is faultless. The car starts, drives and changes gear without any problems, and burrs powerfully and attractively in its typical manner. The occasional chip to the varnish or chrome is at one with its authentic history.

If you are toying with the idea of acquiring an early Porsche 356, then you should consider this wonderful Porsche 356 Continental. It combines a more mature character (from its somewhat earlier restoration), with an exception ally good general condition. Matching numbers, the original colour combination and comprehensive documentation make this 356 an enrichment for every lover of classic automobiles.