Dino 246 GT
Year of manufacture:
Blu Chiaro Metallizzato
Key facts:
one of 52 Dinos built in Blu Chiaro Metallizzato


Agility, wonderful lines and an attractive presentation were always first-generation Dino hallmarks. Sometimes underestimated, sometimes even joked about, the Dino has subsequently developed into a sought-after collectors’ item, and a Pininfarina design icon.

This Dino chassis #01784 has a special story to tell. It is one of only 52 cars to be delivered in Blu Chiaro Metallizzato. The first owner was Maria Angela De Sist, from Cesena, Italy. The car was first registered on 16.04.1971 in Bologna, with the number plate FO234368. Until the end of 1976, #01784 stayed in Italy, then crossed the pond to the USA. It subsequently stayed with the same owner in California for forty years (1977 – 2017). At the end of the 1970s, this owner decided to have it repainted red, as they liked red Ferraris and the original finish had somewhat worn out. The car stayed red until we bought it at the end of 2017. The owner of the car over four whole decades had many wonderful stories, exuding passion for his beloved car. This personal connection lends the car special charisma.

After we acquired the car, it was clear #01784 should be restored to its original, very stylish colour. After a period of reflection, we began the restoration process in 2018. We decided to stay as close as possible to its authentic original state. The partial restoration, including a technical overhaul and new finish, cost €95 052.15 (demonstrable).

The work was done by Tom Fischer in Brannenburg, recognised specialist in vintage cars. Countless pictures and immaculate, detailed documentation of the restoration is available. The Dino is now resplendent in its beautiful original colour, with an interior to match and optimised technical condition. This work has just been finished. All vehicle numbers match the chassis #.

It is almost impossible to find a more attractive Dino 246 GT in this price class. The rare original colour, a lively past and the recent restoration make this Dino a perfect classic car. Whether you are looking for a Dino for your collection, to drive regularly or to get started with, chassis #01784 is looking for another loving and long-term home. Perhaps for the next 40 years…

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