308 GTB Vetroresina


308 GTB Vetroresina
Year of manufacture:
Pelle Beige
Key facts:
Ferrari Classiche certified
matching numbers & matching colors
169.000,- €
Taxes paid, VAT non-reclaimable (§25a UStG./ VAT Act)


After the 308 GT4 was presented in 1973 and was more of an unloved child, Enzo Ferrari immediately came under pressure with falling sales numbers of the GT4 and a successor was already presented in 1975. The Ferrari 308 GTB. After the moderate success of the Bertone design, it was decided to revive Sergio Pininfarina and let Pininfarina design the new 308 GTB. Technically, the innovations were rather small, but the Ferrari engineers now installed a dry sump lubrication to the 308GTB. An imortant detail that was not really advertised at the beginning was the new body made of fiberglass. The time pressure was probably responsible for the Vetroresina bodywork, as the molds for the production could be converted faster than the typical presses for the steel bodies. Ultimately, around 700 polyester models were made, with the sources drifting apart a little here. The production for the lighter and rust-resistant body turned out to be quite time-intensive and increasingly unprofitable, which led to a change back to the classic steel variant from 1977 on.

Our Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina was delivered in Florence in February 1976 in the colour combination Nero 20-B-Salchi with Pelle Beige VM 3234. The Ferrari Classiche certificate issued in 2015 confirms the correct colour combination and of course the correctness of the numbers on the engine and gearbox as well as the originality of other components. The last owner bought the car at the beginning of 2015 and spared no expense to raise the already excellent car to an extraordinary level. At Ferrari Gohm in Böblingen dampers, suspension, wishbones etc. and steering were overhauled or renewed. In addition, a new, correct exhaust system was installed, a major maintenance was carried out and the carburettors were adjusted. An invoice and an extensive set of images document the work from 2015 for over € 23,000. The next maintenance including new timing belt was carried out in December 2019, also at Ferrari Gohm. In the 4 years the mileage changed only slightly. Today the speedometer shows around 92,600km, whereby the car has only been driven around 400km in the last 5 years. Chassis 18879 was part of a smaller but delicate collection and was only given some careful miles to avoid damage caused by storage. The paintwork and the interior were completely renewed a few years earlier. This Ferrari 308 GTB today has not only a visual impressive appearance but due to the intensive mechanical work, you can immediately feel the tight and direct feedback of the chassis and engine when driving Chassis 18879.

This Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina is one of the rare and desirable early polyester models. The quality of the mechanical components, the extremely beautiful visual presentation in combination with the Ferrari Classiche certificate are all you need to be sure that this Ferrari will bring many joyful miles and for sure is a rather comprehensible step into the world of Classic Ferraris.