Automotive Passion

Love of the automobile. Enthusiasm for motorsport. The fascination of Ferrari and its stories. With these intentions, Kevin Braun founded the company Schaltkulisse in 2010. Core of the company: Automotive Emotions en Detail.

The formal language and artistic devotion from the early days of Pininfarina, Touring & Co. fascinate us. At the same time, the radical performance and sparkling emotions of younger supercars. Whether Ferrari F40, Enzo, Ferrari 250SWB, Lamborghini Miura – each model occupies a significant place in contemporary history. In addition, young racing cars have become increasingly important in recent years. Especially vehicles with successful racing assignments, such as the 24h of Le Mans, are particularly in focus.

Strategy and concept

No matter what you are interested in, we take the time and listen to you. Often the purchase of a special car begins with a slow process. Do not be afraid and let us know your thoughts, wishes and reservations. Especially in the case of historical vehicles, a well-founded research or the evaluation of the entire context is of greater importance.

The offer has increased enormously through various auction houses and platforms and supposedly transparent for the customer. Especially here, a certain caution is required for the buyer. Our goal is to enjoy your trust through a sustainable business relationship. Whether it’s the purchase of one of our vehicles, the sale of your car or the conceptual development of a collection, we want to win you as a member of our family.

The importance of discretion and professionalism goes without saying. A close circle of dealers, collectors and selected auction houses allows us to bring clarity and structure into the fog of your application. We find the desired car, quiet and quiet.

We also regularly sell vehicles without attracting much attention. If you are thinking about selling one of your cars or your collection, it is important to work out a goal together and discuss different ways. There is no golden rule, so we should talk about it in peace. In addition to the best strategy and pricing from our point of view, your wishes play the most important role here. Because to ensergize a vehicle on a platform, many can. However, we are going two steps further.

Space for fascination.

From our point of view, the passion for living and collecting automobiles also includes the right ambience. Since the beginning of 2019, we have created new premises with a lot of effort and offer you a suitable environment. You will feel at home, surrounded only by some of the most important vehicles from different eras.

We look forward to seeing you

Your Schaltkulisse team

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further questions about our vehicles, please feel free to contact us at any time.

The company Schaltkulisse lives in every purchase or sale the emotion of the Brand Ferrari and looks for something special with every vehicle.

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