About Schaltkulisse

We are car enthusiasts ourselves and therefore understand the needs and quality expectations of our customers. We strive at providing the best services around collecting and driving cars and believe in our mission and duty to preserve automobiles and show that they are much more than a mean of transport.

Since 2010, Schaltkulisse has been active in the circle of exclusive automobiles, steadily growing and expanding. What started as Kevin Braun’s dream more than a decade ago is now an international company specialized in sourcing and selling some of the world’s most desirable cars.

Today, our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team supervises and maintains some of the most special car collections around the globe. Beyond dealing with cars, we are the only independent company to offer in-house financial services, state-of-the-art car maintenance and repair services, and on-track supervision for our customers.

Our team comprises people from all walks of life: acquisition consultants, car historians, mechanics, media experts, and more, all sharing the same philosophy, vision, and passion for special automobiles. It is no wonder that our customers are loyal to our brand and keep giving us their business, whether they want to maximize or minimize their collection, or need help maintaining it.


We strive at providing the best experience and service for our customers. Through passion and dedication, we have made hundreds of demanding car collectors loyal to our brand. We are car enthusiasts in the first place, which is reflected through our transparency, honesty, and discretion. Our clients are the centre of our attention and our top priority. Our unique English style showroom in the outskirts of Munich is a place where heart meets soul and reflects our core values and beliefs.


With over a decade of hand-on experience in the field of collectable cars, we provide a wide range of high-quality services for the most demanding collectors. We source and sell the most exclusive and rarest vehicles, research their history, and maintain them in our state-of-the-art workshop. With our experienced team of mechanics, we supervise our loyal customers on the track. Thanks to our in-house financial services, we facilitate the process of acquiring your dream automobile.


Our company was born out of a dream and a passion for cars. We enjoy taking our involvement in the circle of exclusive cars to the next level. We feel it is our duty to shed light on the history of special automobiles. Through films and documentaries, we are committed to show that they are much more than the sum of their components. Together with renowned mode brands, we develop products for the gentleman driver and car enthusiast, a selection of which can be found in our online shop.